Confidence, courage, will, focus, determination, motivation, energy, enthusiasm…

These are the positive resources, attributes and tools that ALL CREATURES are born with. It’s our  ‘survival gear’, part of our natural design, built-in at birth to ensure we have everything we need for a lifetime.

In the animal world of harsh realities an eagle with an anxiety, eating or sleeping disorder, is an eagle that won’t last very long. 

The point is this:

If we all have the same basic power-pack and wild animals living in the harshest conditions can manage to retain theirs for a lifetime, why can’t we?

The answer is, we can! The starting point is a simple shift of perspective. 

Despite all the evidence that personalised ‘power-packs’ are built-in and designed to last a lifetime, we have a serious problem accepting the fact. 

As a species, we’ve rejected the realities of our animalistic engineering because it simply doesn’t suit us and the damage is everywhere in the form of disorders, conditions, syndromes and lifestyle side-effects that don’t exist in the animal kingdom.

In losing sight of our ‘true’ selves and how we’re engineered we’ve gotten lost and along the way come to believe that the answer to our problems is LEARNING. It’s become a worldwide obsession and a dangerous one.

Ask yourself this:

How can you learn something that already exists and more to the point why would you want to?

Wouldn’t it be better to understand why you stopped being able to use your power-pack effectively, the way other creatures do on a 24-7 basis?

Wouldn’t it be better to get back to using it the way you once did and in doing so, be healthier, happier and even more more successful than you already are?

Ancient, native American perspectives are simple and powerful in their simplicity. On the surface, they’re easy to mock. Look a bit closer, dig a little deeper and you’ll be amazed at how enlightened you’ll become and how fast functionality can change as a result.

Ask yourself:

Why do we think we need to learn to be positive, caring, confident, courageous and loving when we were born that way?

Why do we think we need to add in something when we already KNOW from our own EXPERIENCE that it’s already there?

The answer is indoctrination; the modern world’s OBSESSION with LEARNING THE UNLEARNABLE.

Sadly, with so many ‘teachers’ insisting we learn these things, it’s an obsession that’s unlikely to stop anytime time soon.

Ask yourself:

Why try to learn the unlearnable? Is it because everyone else is?

Why waste time, effort and money trying to force something in that’s already there?

Why spend money on something you already have?!

Follow the modern world, blindly, down the learning track and you’re on the road to nowhere. 

Follow the ancient path up and out of the valley of confusion and you’ll experience for yourself how powerful, restorative and regenerative personalised perspective, knowledge and wisdom can be.

Helen Wingstedt

The Personalised Path to Positive Change


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