How does a 70 year old woman with a long standing anxiety disorder and fear of driving, start driving with confidence and in bad weather, in an unfamiliar car, without experiencing anxiety or panic within the space of only five weeks?

She didn’t take a driving lesson. She wasn’t hypnotised. Vision boards, visualisations, mantras and positive affirmations weren’t involved. She didn’t learn a new coping technique or practice mindfulness to stay calm. She wasn’t coached.

How? By working with me the Native American Way. 

Only 5 few weeks ago, this lady could only dream and talk about driving and exploring for fun. Little did she know that just a few weeks later she’d be fulfilling a dream by driving to the local beach alone to enjoy the view from the beach cafe! That in the first week of a new year her resolution would become a reality.

I was delighted when she told me; even more delighted when she agreed to let me share her story. She, like me, wanted to let other women know that it’s possible. Women who believe they’re stuck with anxiety, panic and fear for life. Women who’ve been undermined and come to believe they’re incapable or weak. Women who believe they have to wait to find a partner before they can travel. Women who watch time and opportunity pass them by whilst waiting.

Over the years I’ve acquired hundreds of similar testimonials from clients, women and men, in similar situations. All believed, without exception that medicating issues, coping with symptoms and avoiding triggers was their only option.

It’s nothing more than a belief and in my opinion, it’s a belief that needs to change for the benefit of us all.


Helen Wingstedt

Freeing You From Fear

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