When you ‘Fall in Love with Fear’ you lose your Fear of life.  Lose your Fear of life and the world is your oyster…

Anxiety falls to normal levels.

Panic no longer takes hold.

You can take Stress in your stride.

Bodily tension leaves and pain eases.

Sleeping is easier.

Fall in Love with Fear and it’s easier to love yourself.

Love yourself and it’s easier to love someone else…


2020 is upon us, it’s a time of VISION.

To find fresh perspective, to see things differently, to question the beliefs that are undermining us, to see through opinions presented as facts.

To open our eyes to the reality of the ‘gold’ inside. To be brave enough to take a peak at ourselves… and discover we’re wrong, that we’re not nearly as ‘bad’, ‘stupid’, ‘ugly’ or ‘guilty’ as we imagined!

Over the last 200 years, we’ve LEARNED about the body and become masters of physicality. We’ve LEARNED how to treat disease and infection and repair skin and bone. We’ve LEARNED how to fly, build skyscrapers and split atoms. What we haven’t done, individually, is to LEARN about ourselves.

Take some time to look inside yourself and you look into the face of Fear. When you do, anxiety normalises, panic leaves, self-esteem and confidence grow, stress is a thing of the past. 


Helen Wingstedt

Finding Courage in Fear


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Let Your True-Self Lead


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