I remember having panic attacks. The intense feeling of fear, heart and mind racing, dry mouth, the room spinning, struggling to breathe and the belief that death is upon you!

The other thing I remember about panic attacks is the reaction of other people around me who weren’t having them. Almost as panicked as I was, they were keen to help:

Calm down!

Look at me

Breathe into this paper bag

Take it easy

Slow your breathing

Count to ten

Think positive thoughts

Drink some water

Now, if you’ve ever had a panic attack, you’ll know how hard it is to take any of this advice. The bigger the anxiety attack the harder it is; the more you want to take control, the more control evades you. It’s a vicious circle you come to dread and because you dread it, you start to look for ‘triggers’ that set it off with a view to avoiding them and the fear that follows.

This way of dealing with high anxiety and panic attack seems logical.  High anxiety and panic are unpleasant and people, on the whole, don’t like to experience unpleasantness, even more so when fear is involved.

Until I came across the Native American Way, my view of and way of handling high anxiety and panic was the same as everyone else’s. I’d never come across any other view so when I did, it was a bit of a revelation to say the least!! Did I initially believe it? No. Did I reject the possibility? No! My desire to live life unlimited was greater than my skepticism of something that might just be able to help me!

Fast forward to 2016. It’s a sunny day when I meet ‘Mike’ (name changed for confidentiality purposes!). Mike was due to go into hospital inside ten days. He’d suffered severe panic attacks for years, and incredibly, had spent over ten thousand pounds on various treatments that all advocated the same basic idea – control.

Needless to say, nothing had worked; the more he tried to control them, the worse they got. He was beside himself with worry.

A short Course later, he was in hospital, minus the high anxiety and panic. He hasn’t experienced either since.

In simple terms, the mistake people make is trying to control the uncontrollable. With a simple shift away from medical theory, the fact is that these states can be disempowered at the source so that they simply don’t get started. Disempower them and there’s nothing to control. The key? Identifying the source; addressing the reasons ‘why’ they got started in the first place and it’s rarely the reasons you think; I know from experience!

As with any kind of positive change, the starting point is a shift in awareness and perspective, in some form. I’ve found that for many people, this is often the hardest part because it involves breaking conditioned thinking and belief systems that have been quietly re-enforced for decades.

Is it worth challenging your own thought process and beliefs about medical science and issues popularly perceived as incurable illnesses? Personally, I think so, you only have one life.

Is it risky to investigate a different view? Not at all, after all, and in the words of Jeff Bridges who played ‘The Big ‘Dude’ Lebowski’:  “It’s only an opinion!!”.

Helen Wingstedt

Healthy Energy Practitioner


Let Your True-Self Lead


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