Modern people are control focused. Taught from an early age to squash down the ‘truth’ of who and how we are:

Upset? Squash your pain.

Angry? Squash your strength.

Anxious? Squash your fear.

Depressed? Squash your negativity.

Overwhelmed? Squash your stress.

Worried? Squash your thoughts.

As a culture, we generally believe squashed thoughts, feelings and emotions simply disappear. That when we’re not having them, they simply don’t exist. That if we control our interaction with the outside world we stay free of them…

Upset? Be brave, don’t cry.

Anxious? Avoid the triggers.

Angry? Manage your temper.

Depressed? Cheer up, be positive.

Overwhelmed? Be mindful.

Worried? Stop thinking.

Because we learn to squash, we have to learn to cope and manage later. The reason is this:

People are like storage tanks who start life as virtual empty vessels.

When we learn to squash down rather than express and process out, we store up unhealthy, negative energy inside ourselves. As we ‘fill up’ we develop mental, physical and behavioural side effects that western medicine can’t treat. These side effects and symptoms include:

Anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression and mental health issues of most kinds.

Problems such as chronic pain, IBS, fibromyalgia and infertility where there is no obvious, physical cause that can be treated

Over-reactive emotions, hyper-sensitivity and extreme responses to every-day situations

Low self esteem, lack of confidence and assertiveness; being bullied, beaten and rolling over to suit other people

Insomnia, nightmares, repetitive and/or looping memories

Difficulties concentrating, deciding, planning and organising

Squash and control thoughts, feelings and emotions and you store up unhealthy energy and trouble for later. 

Reduce the unhealthy energy you’ve stored and healthy energy powers back up. Mental and physical function improves. Emotional strength and resilience increases. Side effects and symptoms fade or vanish completely. Stress is something you take in your stride. Behaviours automatically change. Squashing, controlling and coping are no longer necessary. Esteem and confidence build. Assertiveness returns. You can start living life to the full and with potential unlocked, can make your dreams real.

Helen Wingstedt

Healthy Energy Practitioner

Let Your True-Self Lead


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