In 1999, western medicine let me down. Like millions of others I was faced with the prospect of long term medication, coping techniques and accommodating health issues with management strategies whilst life passed me by.

At the time, I had complete faith in modern medicine. I’d never had a health problem that science couldn’t cure and so it had never occurred to me to question it on any level.

As a child, I had been taught to accept medical, scientific opinion as the only opinion that mattered. To distrust non-medical and non-scientific practices. To fall in line with modern beliefs, be a ‘good girl’ and take my medicine.

Like most others, I’d been taught to respect authority and the rules authority imposed. It wouldn’t occur to me till later that ‘authority’ wasn’t restricted to parents, teachers, the police and legal system. That it also included the scientific community and medical profession.

Medical indoctrination, like all other forms of indoctrination, creates a brain-washed state that you’re unaware of. Only when you question the authority do you begin to become aware of the control it has over you and the decisions you make.

Western medicine specialises in repairing the physical body it can see. It works to solve problems that can be seen with or without equipment. Because it can stop us dying and extend life we trust it implicitly, even when issues are non-physical in nature.

In the western world, medical science is unable to rectify mental health issues. If it could, it would. Because it doesn’t understand mental health issues and works from a medical template, it can’t rectify issues.

Because it can’t rectify issues it has no choice but to promote acceptance of issues in the form of long term medication and coping techniques. The reality is, if you accept medical opinion, you also accept medical diagnosis and the limited range of medical options that diagnosis makes available to you.

At 35, I was physically ‘fit and healthy’, according to medical templates.

Although I had the potential for quantity of life, by accepting a medical, mental health diagnosis, what I didn’t have was the potential for quality of life.

The prognosis, on that basis, was the continuation of life as it had been in the past. A never-ending struggle with inner demons, mental torment, unresolved conflict and emotional discomfort and no prospect of a reprieve.

The fear of a future lived this way drove me to find a solution. To find a logical explanation for the mental health issues that had brought life to a crashing halt. To find a structured route to address them that didn’t involve medication or coping techniques. To find a rational framework for change based on evidence rather than personal opinion and fairy dust.

I found all of this and more in the Native American Way.

Helen Wingstedt

Healthy Energy Practitioner

Let Your True-Self Lead


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