What kind of relationship do YOU have with Fear? Is Fear your friend or has life experience turned Fear into an enemy who’s blighting your health, life and relationships?

Modern people don’t tend to think about Fear this way. Because they don’t think about Fear this way they have no way of tackling the physical, mental and behavioural side effects Fear creates. This is the reason… 

Virtually every aspect of life, in the modern world, is medicalised; essentially, we’ve legitimised unwellness. We’ve created a society that’s invested in sicknesses, conditions, disorders and syndromes that medicine can’t cure. There’s no way forward from this position, unless, of course, you’re a pharmaceutical giant or business offering remedies that fuel hope but not recovery.

The bottom line is, it’s not in the interests of big business to make people aware of the reality:

Internalised, ‘polluted’ Fear is the underlying root cause of most mental and physical issues. That if you confront and disempower internalised Fear, the mental and physical side effects fade away or vanish completely on an indefinite basis, negating the need for medication, coping and managing.

Look to ancient culture and you’ll find a reference for understanding Fear and the side effects that doesn’t involve pills or potions. A reference that is based on working knowledge of human engineering and operating systems. A reference that is relevant to all of the people, all of the time.

In Native American culture, you’ll here FEAR being described (by clinical psychologists) as an energy source. A powerful force that we’re born with, that exists inside each of us.

When the Fear we carry is clean, its affect on us is positive. It drives us forward, unlocks potential and makes life rewarding and enjoyable. In this form, Fear is our friend and a great relationship to have.

When the Fear we carry is polluted (as a result of our experience), the affect on us is negative. In this form fear shuts us down, holds us back, locks up potential, creates unwellness and makes life a struggle. In this form Fear is the enemy we live with that hounds us forever.

The consequence? Millions of people living with the side effects i.e. physical, mental and behavioural issues that they have to medicate, learn to cope with or manage on a permanent basis.

It’s difficult to appreciate the negative impact of polluted Fear whilst it’s with you. Only when it’s gone do you realise the damage it’s done and would have continued to do had you left it in situ.

Your relationship with Fear is the key to you and the way you think, feel, emote, speak, perceive and heal. It’s the key to health, happiness and wealth of all kinds. It’s the key to an enlightened, more ‘spiritual’ way of being. The key to changing the lives of those around you for the better.

Work with Fear itself instead of the side effects and positive, holistic change happens as if by magic. 

Helen Wingstedt

Disempowering Fear The Native American Way

Let Your True-Self Lead


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