“Prior to 1999, I’d never questioned modern, medical science. I believed, like most people, that quality food, exercise and sleep would keep me fit, healthy and happy. I didn’t discover the shocking reality until 1999 when, aged 35, I suffered what’s popularly referred to as ‘burn-out’ or ‘breakdown’. It was terrifying.

Diagnosis was generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks, ME, depression. I was ‘ill’ but apparently, there wasn’t a ‘cure’. I was left to get on with it.

As time passed, I realised I couldn’t live with anti-depressants, coping techniques and life limitation on a permanent basis. Unwilling to give up on myself, or my future I put medical opinion and scientific authority to one side and set off in search of a solution, with a small herd of horses in tow. What I found was the Native American Way and a new lease of life.  This is my story…


I’d enjoyed success in school sports teams and competitive athletics, from the age of 8. I’d also qualified as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor alongside a career in sales and marketing (in the health and fitness industry – what else?!).

I had a thirst for knowledge, to keep myself fit and healthy and I’d applied it in every respect so you can imagine the shock when, in 1999, my mental health let me down. 

It was obvious to me, from my own experience, that there HAD to be more to health and fitness than food, exercise and a good night’s sleep. I knew medical science couldn’t help me and that if I wanted answers I’d have to look elsewhere… 

I started investigating new age ideas, that I hadn’t come across before, for myself and my horses. By 2003/04 I’d turned my passion for horses into a business. ‘Wholly Horses’ offered a unique approach to personal and professional development, equine facilitated learning and equine health and wellbeing.

121 work and group courses were personalised to individuals. Designed to increase self awareness, improve communication and relationship skills they helped people understand the impact of negative mental and emotional states on behaviour.

It was fascinating. I learned from some of the leading lights in the world and even qualified as an Equine Iridologist and herbalist but STILL my core questions remained unanswered.

Eventually, however, my persistence paid off. I came across the Native American Way (not to be confused with shamanism) and everything started to fall into place.


It became very clear, very fast, that the Native American Way was different. I was given a non-medical frame of reference for health, wellbeing and life I hadn’t come across before. Information regurgitation was everywhere – but not here; it was an exciting revelation.

The bigger ‘health’ picture was finally being revealed and noticeable, lasting, TARGETED change was happening fast. I might have ‘Mystic’ skills but I’m also a critical thinker and for me, it’s all about the evidence; the evidence was overwhelming.

Convinced by the evidence and offered an opportunity to learn, I took it and embarked upon a decade of specialist, experiential training that’s rarely made available inside, or outside, native American culture. It was an honour to be offered and more importantly, to complete the process.

Ultimately, this is different. The only way to appreciate the value of it is to give it a try”. 


Helen Wingstedt

Creating Healthy Energy the Native American Way


Let Your True-Self Lead


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