How many of us have a problem with anger and don’t know it?

How many of us have a problem with anger and think we know what the problem is?

How may of us understand the positive role anger plays in mental health and wellbeing?

Prior to finding the Native American Way, I understood anger as most people do – from a modern perspective.

I’d read books on human emotions, studied psychology and attended numerous corporate and professional training courses that advanced my understanding of people and the way they functioned.

Trainers, psychologists and coaches were all saying pretty much the same thing and so, unsurprisingly, everyone thought the same thing – including me! There seemed no reason to question what I was being told and so I didn’t.

Anger was generally seen as a ‘negative’ emotion, one that had to be ‘discouraged’, ‘managed’ and kept under ‘control’.

If anger appeared out of control, anger management classes and courses were deemed to be the answer. Offered to those who seemed to need them, more often than not, they didn’t work and if they did, then only for a short while.

It’s hard for modern people and especially well-informed adults, to suspend disbelief and take a fresh look at a subject they think they know well. The more conventionally qualified you are, the harder it gets.

All too often ideas are rejected before they’ve been explored because the potential threat to your own version of reality is disturbing.

Ultimately, we find it far easier to ADD more layers to existing learning than we do to take a step sideways and learn something that really is new.

The Native American perspective on thought, feeling and emotional systems is so old that it’s new; it’s an enlightening perspective that fascinates me.

Over the years, I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve seen transformed by its powerful, logical simplicity. Here’s a recent example:

Rhian Jones approached me at the start of 2020 for help fulfilling a new year resolution: wall climbing. In a matter of days, Rhian went from being too afraid to turn up, to scaling the wall and reaching the top. Resolution achieved she’s onto the next and it’s not even February!

I know from experience that shifting your perspective the Native American Way, shifts your mindset. That it alters your relationship with yourself and the thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs that stand in the way of progress. That it creates positive change in ways that modern approaches can’t.

Work the Native American Way and you NORMALISE anger, anxiety, loss and fear. In the process of NORMALISATION, symptoms lose their power and fade away leaving you with less or nothing to cope with and manage. Free from coping and managing, you’re free to achieve your new year goals and create your dreams in reality.  


Helen Wingstedt

The Personalised Path to Positive Change

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