Have you ever felt afraid?

I’ve experienced not only fear but literal terror in my life. It wasn’t until I discovered the Native American Way that I came to realise the massive, negative impact it’s had on my health, wellbeing, behaviour and life in general.

When you consider Fear from a non-medical perspective it takes your understanding of health and wellbeing into a whole other arena.

An arena where the seemingly impossible becomes possible and the unlikely a part of daily routine. Let me explain…

Every time we have a frightening experience, of any type or on any scale, we generate a massive amount of energy inside. In the modern world we call this energy ‘adrenalin’.

This energy is super-fuel. It’s there to give us impetus; to snap us into reality, motivate us into action and propel us forward with super-human speed and agility we’d normally lack!

Although the chemistry and biology of fear is an interesting topic, in practical terms how does this kind of knowledge help? The reality is, it doesn’t. 

What DOES help is having a simple frame of reference for understanding that creates an enlightened, calm state of mind on a lasting basis and not just when you’re relaxed or meditating!

Ultimately, Fear is Energy we generate ourselves. If we use up the Energy we automatically RESET ourselves back to ‘normal’. If we don’t use up the energy we can’t RESET ourselves and get stuck; problems develop as a consequence.

As a scientific society, we’ve trained ourselves to treat physical illness and injury and have become dependent on prescription medication for everything.

Fear is Energy. It isn’t an illness and it isn’t an injury and that means, from a medical standpoint, there is no remedy.

Because there’s no medical remedy, people believe they have to accept the mental and physical side effects of heightened fear as a ‘normal part of being human’.

They think they have no other option and must learn to cope with, and manage the side effects, ‘mindfully’ because it’s what they’ve been told. It’s simply not true.



Sadly, it’s a belief you’ll see re-enforced everywhere be it in newspapers, TV, Doctor’s surgeries or online courses.

Most people in the service industries hold with this BELIEF but it’s only because they have no other point of reference or experience; they don’t have the knowledge or skills to make the change in you themselves.

The reality is, that as a result of our medical belief system we have lost the knowledge and skills needed to understand and work with Fear and the side effects in a logical, structured way that produces results. We’ve become reliant on coping as a consequence not because there’s no alternative.

High anxiety and panic attacks may have become a normal part of high-tech life but that doesn’t mean they’re a normal part of being human.

Ancient cultures KNOW this.

They KNOW that high anxiety, panic attacks, depression, mental health issues, stage-fright, procrastination and hundreds of other issues have background Fear as the underlying reason for being.

They KNOW how to address this fear and instigate changes of thinking, feeling and being that free people from syndromes and conditions they’d otherwise learn to cope with.

They KNOW that if you change your perspective on fear and understand your relationship with fear, the mental and physical side effects of fear start fading away ensuring life and the future are a very different proposition.

Helen Wingstedt

Freeing You From Fear


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