Have you ever noticed the way scientists acquire information, form opinions based on that information and then present these opinions to us as facts?

Have you noticed that we tend to believe them without question? That we continue to trust and go along with their opinions even when future evidence proves that what they initially told us was wrong?

Scientists and doctors impress but they’re also people; people who make mistakes and whose authority we are often too afraid to challenge.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression is:

“A common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act”

According to Native American culture depression is:

“A lack of emotional stimulation. The physical side effect of an emotional problem that negatively affected your relationship with yourself”

Imagine if the latter was true…

It would explain why ‘depression’ and depressed states are so common and often come in waves.

It would also explain why doctors can do so little in terms of medical cures and why medicine can’t reset you back to your pre-depressed way of being.

If this was true, the way forward and out of depression would be to STOP seeing yourself as being ill and incurable. To stop treating physical symptoms and instead, to CHANGE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF to be free of physical symptoms on a long term basis. 

I know, from personal experience, how incredibly awful depression can be and how people who don’t experience it, have no way of understanding it… or you.

I’ve also experienced and witnesses in others, how empowering it is to take back control simply by recognising how destructive ordinary life experience can be; not because of the experience itself but because of the way we personally relate to it.

Ordinary life experience and the way we relate to it, has far more power to change us than we think; it’s a process that starts in childhood:

We see things we’d rather not see. We hear things we don’t understand. We have experiences that hurt and frighten and which we don’t talk about. Our hearts break. We’re told things and we believe them (whether they’re true or not). We buy into ideas without rationalising because we’re too young. We create problems for ourselves and have no idea we’ve done so. We draw negative conclusions about ourselves that are generally incorrect, but that change us, nevertheless.

Intellect combined with an active imagination make matters worse because imagination is our creative tool.

An active imagination makes it easier to create and believe anything including worst case scenarios. It’s easier to see other people’s points of view, change your own to fall in line and easier to change your view of your self.

Imagination is key to what we create and it’s just as easy to create your own worst nightmare in your head and ruin your health, as it is to create your dreams in reality and enjoy a fabulous life!

As with everything, the catalyst to change, in the first instance, is enlightenment. To become aware that there’s more to human ‘being’ than brain chemistry, prescription pads and pills. That our creative ability is greater than we’ve even begun to understand. That there’s nothing to fear, and everything to gain, by learning how to create something new. 


Helen Wingstedt

Mystic Healer and teacher


Let Your True-Self Lead


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