20 years ago, I was up the proverbial creek without a paddle with ‘illnesses’ that stopped me in my tracks.

If my goal in life had been to create as many ‘health’ issues as possible, without actually putting my life in danger, then I’d done a superb job and needed a medal to reward my commitment!

Generalised anxiety disorder, panic attacks, OCD, depression, ME… it was an impressive list of conditions. It was also a whole new world of health and medicine to investigate as, other than depression (which I understood all too well), I had no idea what these other illnesses were.

What I did know was this: I couldn’t be ‘cured’.

I was advised to take anti-depressants and I did for two years. I was told to abstain from drinking red wine and coffee. Someone suggested St John’s Wort. Various panic and anxiety coping strategies were offered. I’m sure you know the drill! Being a bit of a health fanatic who followed instructions to the tee, I did everything suggested and found nothing made any difference.

If you want to solve a problem, try to and fail, if it’s important you’ll probably try to solve it again. The more I tried and failed, the more self-esteem and confidence I lost. I did everything. I did it well and NOTHING made any difference.

The time, energy and money I invested in this pursuit made matters worse. I started to feel really stupid, useless and helpless. I was only 35 and I couldn’t see a way out or through. The absence of hope made me worse and I ended up feeling suicidal.


Fast forward 20 years…


It seems like a miracle that I made it through such difficult times. That I managed to conquer these problems. Even more incredibly, that 20 years later people are still seeking to control symptoms and side effects that I’m now free from; and it’s not just me.

Over the last 15 years I’ve helped hundreds of people alleviate fears and anxieties and live a healthier, fuller life. With fears and anxieties abated, they’ve been able to develop themselves in ways they couldn’t before.

The starting point is AWARENESS that it’s achievable. That if you put medical ideas to one side and consider fear differently, progress becomes possible.

In the modern era, this idea seems utterly preposterous.  It did to me, until I noticed my side effects and symptoms starting to fall away, not in months or years, but in a matter of hours.

If being FREE from fear, high anxiety and control is as appealing to you as it was, and still is to me, then perhaps you’d like to sit with me on a 121 session to get your own Healthy Energy journey under-way.

If you’d prefer, why not join me and like-minded others, in 2020, on a group Workshop or a Retreat?

To start becoming aware, please take a moment to look through the website and give the concept a ‘TRY’.

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Helen Wingstedt

Creating Healthy Energy the Native American way


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