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Has Covid-19 left you anxious and stressed? 

Has Coronavirus brought mental health worries to the fore? Have headaches, pain or skin issues flared up? Has energy dropped? Are you fretting about life, death, dying and what the future holds?

If you’ve decided to be more pro-active about mental health, physical fitness, emotional wellbeing and life in general, Intuitive Medicine offers a progressive way forward.

Is your Doctor right about you?

The modern medical model is founded on the belief that we are nothing more than cells and living tissue. This fundamental flaw in scientific thinking is reflected in our approaches. It is perhaps most obvious in terms of the mental health issues and psychosomatic conditions western medicines can’t ‘cure’.

What are we ignoring?

Native American culture’s ‘big picture’ model might be of ancient origin, however, it is far more ‘futuristic’ in conception. The Native American Way accounts for both aspects of Being; the physical self and the spiritual self (energy).

It accounts for the fact that these ‘selves’ REFLECT one another, i.e.

When ENERGY changes, PHYSICALITY changes

When PHYSICALITY changes, ENERGY changes


Whilst doctors are pre-occupied with the body (and sometimes rightly so!), ancient cultures working TECHNICALLY and PRECISELY, with the ENERGY SELF, are able to instigate changes of physicality and function that are medically inexplicable.

What do clients say?

Clients who work with Helen, the Native American way experience rapid, positive change on many levels, simultaneously. Some of the things clients talk about enjoying are:

Feeling calmer, less anxious and less stressed. Winding-down and sleeping more easily.

Having more confidence and courage. Being less inhibited and enjoying life more.

Recovering from sickness and injuries more quickly. Pain easing and wounds healing. 

Why do clients put their trust in Helen?

Helen is naturally gifted in this area; she is a qualified and experienced master of Native American healing with a results driven practice 

Helen is psychic-intuitive and sensitive; she can empathise with and understand others without having to probe or psycho-analyse

Helen has personal experience of mental health issues; she can talk about them knowledgeably and calmly in a way that encourages optimism

What Professionals Say…

“As therapists, we read the books; we intellectualise about changing the world, through changing ourselves, but rarely do we experience it…

Helen created a unique opportunity for me to see the effect Energy truly has and enabled a great breakthrough to occur. I will never forget it”.

Christine Johnson, Cardiff


Springboard Sessions

Book an introductory, Springboard Session in preparation for your release from Coronavirus lockdown.

Enjoy a well-deserved day of freedom by the sea, breathing in clean, coastal air just outside Cardiff, South Wales.

Llantwit Major is a quiet, dog friendly location providing beach access throughout the year. Helen can accommodate your dog during your session, so feel free to bring your furry friend along for the ride!

Your 90 minute Springboard Session will introduce you to the Native American model for health and wellbeing and the practical techniques and tools that go with it. 

Price: £195 (discounted off a Course or Retreat should you book one)


Courses and Retreats

Intuitive Medicine Training Courses and working Retreats are personalised to reflect the uniqueness of your physical AND your spiritual body.

Book for yourself or to enquire on behalf of people in your SME or organisation. 

Prices start at £995 and rise to £150k plus. To learn more and to enquire about booking, please get in touch. 


Group Work

If you prefer the idea of working with like-minded people, in a group format, or if you’re on a budget, please subscribe to our newsletter for group Workshops and Retreat dates and early bird offers, later this year.  


Animal Intuitive Medicine

Animal Intuitive Medicine is a fresh approach to equine and canine health, wellbeing, behaviour and training. It offers fresh perspective and can often prove useful when traditional approaches have failed to resolve problems.

It can also build your confidence, add to your knowledge base and make you a more effective healer, communicator and trainer. 

To enquire about private appointments or to organise a clinic or workshop in your area, please get in touch.


"an amazing lady, an incredible gift"

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