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Clients Say…

"Life is opening up"

“A world-class Practitioner. A game-changing approach. The best investment in your future. Not just the best in Wales, the best in the world; genius at work…

I’ve been freed from the fears, disabling anxieties, the dialogue of negative thoughts, doubts and the never-ending blackness… at 50 life is opening up. I am forever grateful”

Roz Woodward, Digital Imager – 2019

"Energy levels soared"

“Experience enabled me to quickly recognise I had at last found the real deal.

I was impressed by Helen’s integrity, warmth and insight. My world changed overnight. Daily challenges melted away.

Energy levels soared and I am much happier. Each day is better than the last”

Anita Sawyer MBA RSM, The Royal Society of Medicine & British Psychological Society – 2011

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