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      Do you want results and rewards?

      Is your personal life a disappointment?  Is your professional life failing to deliver? Is business growth slow? Is absenteeism high? Is your stress-load taking its toll?  Are anger and frustration creating conflict at home or at work? 

      Major change doesn’t happen when you paper over performance cracks.  

      It happens when you’re bold, serious and work with me.


      “Every one of us has moments when our busy, bustling life choices create havoc in our lives… a few hours of ‘in your face’ deep diving with Helen, sitting and listening, gave me a clear way out… helping me re-build and remember who I really am.

      While fear and anger made me want to flee or fight, I stopped, listened and I let her work, work. I’ll never regret it. Neither will you.”

      Denis Campbell, CEO Monknash Media – February 2019


      Do less to reduce stress and life shrinks

      Follow dreams and you’re always behind

      If ‘anything’s possible’ breathe under water

      If time was a healer it would cure depression

      Manage anxiety and you’re broken by fear 

      Cork anger and you’ll pop in frustration

      My Story

      When I had a breakdown in 1999, aged 35, I initially didn’t think I’d recover. Today, I’ve regained my strength, shed mental health issues, restored effectiveness and created a framework for others to achieve the same. Available in the form of Coaching and group Training, mine is an approach that is suitable for all.