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When life experience has sapped our strength and weakened us inside, we often turn to coaching to make up for what we’ve lost. What we should do is RESTORE what we’ve lost, so we don’t need coaching or props of any kind. Motivational Healing offers you a way to do so. 

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Are you a casualty of the American self-help dream?

"You're in your sixties. You were once a high-flyer (maybe still are). You've been at the sharp end and have achieved success. You're able to create and sustain relationships, hold down jobs and earn promotion. You've travelled the world. You know how things are done...

About spiritual issues and the problems they cause

Many people associate the word spiritual with religion and religious beliefs. In fact, the word 'spiritual' refers to who we are as individuals i.e. our true self.  Spiritual issues start to develop in our earliest years. They are a direct consequence of the way we...

Power up your mind, to power down anxiety and more

Back in 1999, I was seriously 'unwell'. I knew I didn't want to spend the rest of my life 'unwell' and I knew I couldn't live with what I considered to be 'failure'.  I didn't want to retire or depend on props and drugs to get through the day. I wanted to get back to...

Treat the root cause of pain and be high anxiety free

What does high anxiety have to do with pain? What do migraines have to do with depression? What does vertigo have to do with eating disorders?  AT first glance, nothing but dig a little deeper and you'll find they are more closely related than you might think. As soon...

Is superhero strength causing depression and suicide?

Over the last twelve months, Covid-19 has made life difficult for a great many people, who have, maybe for the time in their lives, needed serious support. Some will have asked for help; others will still be suffering in silence.  When we're going through hard times...

Using sunflowers to understand wellness better

The sun is out, clothes (and masks!) are being shed, lockdown is easing and all is well with the world - sort of.  BBQ's, meet ups and holidays are achingly within our grasp. It's time to get back to normal and enjoy life!! These were my thoughts earlier today just...

Electricity and the science of regenerative healing

One day, science will prove what ancient cultures already know about the body in terms of cellular electrical charge and magnetic field. It will come to understand the ways in which 'Energy' can be used in regenerative healing AND reverse engineering, albeit, in a...

How to be healthy, happy and loved for life

Love is ENERGY. The most powerful energy there is. An energy source that exists inside us, it is the true source of strength, hope, happiness and good health. When it's working the way it should, we love ourselves; we have all the love we need. When this energy ISN'T...

Finding a route through anxiety, panic and depression

Age 30, Rhian was suffering with knee pain, high anxiety, overwhelm, depression, low energy, lack of confidence, brain fog and low self-esteem. Before the age of 40, she’d turned it all around. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

A little prick makes a big difference when it comes to anxiety

You suffer with anxiety and panic attacks, so far, so good - not! You've read 'everything', done 'everything' and you still have a problem. You're incurable. There is no way forward. Right? Wrong!!! For the next few minutes I'd like to ask you to PARK everything you...

Courses and Retreats near Cardiff

Beautiful beaches, fresh sea air, stunning views, countryside walks, abundant wildlife, peace, tranquility and the welsh capital close by.

These are just a few of the things that make Llantwit Major, in the Vale of Glamorgan, the ideal staycation. The perfect place to re-group, rejuvenate and regenerate!


The Wingstedt Way


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