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Healthier, happier people and pets

I use natural abilities and trained skills to enlighten and empower. To provide the kind of insight and clarity that leads to health and happiness. 

Book a 90 minute session or, for best results, book a short, personalised course or retreat.

Book a Session, Course or Retreat

  • Destress
  • Reduce anxiety and panic
  • Ease painful conditions
  • Aid skin/tissue repairs
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve sleep
  • Increase energy

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  • Boost confidence
  • Increase positivity
  • Acquire peace and calm
  • Build self-esteem 
  • Improve social skills
  • Develop assertiveness
  • Shift mindset

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  • Love and marriage
  • Break-ups and divorce
  • Career change
  • Retirement
  • New ventures
  • Loss and dying
  • Celebrity lifetsyles

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What people say…

“Next level awesome!”

“An amazing lady, an incredible gift”

“Achieves more in 90 minutes than others do in 90 weeks”


Rejuvenate and regenerate on a Course or Retreat in the Vale, South Wales.


Wellness in 90 minutes


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