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A Bit About Me

By nature, some people are curious and open minded. They refuse to be controlled by medical, scientific and religious beliefs… people like you and me!

As a business graduate, I was working in executive sales and sales training, whilst enjoying triathlons and sub-aqua diving when in 1999, aged 35, health issues forced change. In the years that followed, natural abilities I’d started demonstrating as a 3 year old, came to the fore. As a result, my focus changed, so to my career.

I qualified as a Life/Leadership Coach, Personal Trainer and Equine Iridologist. Running a small herd, I worked as a Horse Whisperer and Healer. I created the organisation, ‘Wholly Horses’, translating the conversation between human and horse to grow self-awareness, communication and relationships skills.

Extra Sensory Solutions is the natural evolution, the next stage. A progressive approach, developed by me to enlighten, empower and bring us closer together. 

Media and Press

My first experience of the media was age 10, when I appeared in the South Wales Echo having rescued a crow that used to sit on my arm and study its reflection in the toaster!

In more recent times, I’ve been on TV and the radio several times and have had articles published. Here’s where you might have seen me:

Extra Sensory Solutions


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