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A bit about me and my journey

As a triathlete, Personal Trainer and Sales Manager, I wanted to perform well. I studied health and fitness and worked hard to achieve my goals.

It wasn’t until 1999, and the onset of what were described as “mental health issues”, that I started to question what I’d learned. To become aware of the flaws in western medicine and our medical belief system. 

To start, I moved my focus away from the body, towards the mind. Studying human and animal psychology and behaviour, I qualified as a therapist and a Coach. In the process of doing so, I stumbled across traditional, Native American Medicine and found the missing piece of the wellness puzzle.

Utilising it personally, I healed and transformed myself.  Professionally, I trained for more than a decade to acquire the knowledge and hone the intuitive skills needed to become a Practitioner. It is my mastery in this discipline, that enables me to assist others in the way I do today. 

Feel Better. Achieve More.

Feel Better. Achieve More.


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