The Wingstedt Way

Using psychic-intuitive skills to improve human and animal lives




A bit about me

Health, fitness and performance have been a big part of my life since childhood. 

As a competitive young athlete and later, triathlete, I trained hard; I studied nutrition, sports psychology and performance science.

I qualified as a Personal Trainer, Aerobics Instructor and Life Guard. I did so alongside a full-time career in sales, in the Health industry.

Mental health issues in 1999, aged 35, stopped me in my tracks.

Shifting my focus away from the body, towards the mind, I qualified as a Lifestyle/Performance/Confidence Coach and used my horses as part of the personal development process. The discovery of traditional, Native American Medicine changed everything.

An ancient approach to health, wellbeing and behavioural change, Native American Medicine provided the framework I needed to deeply heal and transform myself.

It also provided the development opportunity I needed to hone my psychic skills and master the healing abilities I was born with.

The culmination of all of the above is my MOTIVATIONAL approach to health, wellbeing, love, relationships and life change. 

A multi-faceted, multi-purpose approach designed to help people, dogs and horses alike.  It is an approach that can restore hope, make dreams a reality and ensure the future is bright.