You suffer with anxiety and panic attacks, so far, so good – not!

You’ve read ‘everything’, done ‘everything’ and you still have a problem. You’re incurable. There is no way forward. Right? Wrong!!!

For the next few minutes I’d like to ask you to PARK everything you know or think you know about anxiety and panic attacks. Leave your satchel by the door, suspend disbelief and enter my world…

We’re told that the way to deal with high anxiety and panic is to control it when it comes on. We’re told it, so we believe it.

But what if this is the OPPOSITE of what we should be doing?

Think back to the last time you had an anxiety or panic attack. Did you feel flat and lethargic or were you jumping around all over the place? Did you feel hyper-energised or did you feel tired? 

When we have an anxiety ‘attack’ we feel hyper-energised; we don’t like it because, physically, it’s intense. Focused on the physical side-effects, we go into suppress and control mode. What if we didn’t?

What if we were to let the anxiety balloon over-inflate and burst? What if we used up the energy we’re producing rather than contain it?

I see anxiety as energy because it is. If anxiety wasn’t energy related, then we wouldn’t feel hyper when it comes on. We’d be able to sit in an armchair and let it pass by.

The science is there: when we’re afraid and go into mental and emotional flight mode, the body responds. It needs to produce energy to support the activity of ‘getting the hell out of there’!!

All the intense, physical side-effects we experience are simply that.

Think of it this way: if you were running a competitive, 400m race you’d have the same ‘symptoms’ but would probably finish with a medal not medicine!

Sounds like nonsense? Ask anxiety sufferer and Olympic gold medallist, Dame Kelly Holmes, no-body knows this better than her.

When you’re dealing with this kind of problem, you’ll find that even a small shift in perception can make a very big difference indeed.

Helen Wingstedt

Motivational Healing

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