Where does energy come from? How is it that we can follow medical guidelines, eat well, take exercise, get fresh air and yet STILL feel tired, stressed out and lack motivation? Surely, we can’t all be ill?  If we were, how could we, as a race, have gotten so far?

As a qualified Personal Trainer, Aerobics Instructor and athlete, I took my health and fitness super-seriously. I had boundless energy and then, one day, I didn’t. Doctor’s told me I was ill but couldn’t explain what was wrong with me or why. Unable to answer these basic questions, it was no surprise they couldn’t ‘cure’ me.

Twenty years later, I’ve answered those questions for myself; I discovered that the answers involved Inner Space. This, very briefly, is what I know: 

Inner Space is inside all of us. A vast ‘world’, existing in energy form, it contains all the personal resources and universal tools we need to help ourselves and others.

To make full use of everything this ‘world’ has to offer, we have to be aware it exists. The more aware we become, the more healed and empowered we are; the more universal knowledge, tools and energy we can stream into our lives. It’s a process ancient cultures refer to as a ‘spiritual journey’.

This journey existed before the church grew strong and altered our perception of spirituality. It existed before medical science took control and convinced us there is nothing more to us than matter.

Although the western world might have lost authentic spiritual journey knowledge and skills, ancient cultures have retained both. If we are to be physically and mentally healthy, enlightened, empowered and inspired by who and what we are, it is to this ancient process that we have to look. 

Helen Wingstedt

Reading Animals. Teaching People

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