You and Inner Space  

Inner Space is where the mind, emotions, personality and spirit reside. The part of us that imagines; that can create dreams in reality and do things animals can’t. 

If we want to change the way we think, feel, relate and react, Inner Space is where we need to go to do it. To get there, we need to REFLECT.

Helen Wingstedt is a qualified Coach and Reflective Medicine Practitioner, with years of experience. Walking you through the REFLECTION process, she can help you:

 Offload mental baggage and heal emotional wounds 

Alleviate fear and anxiety, grief, guilt and anger 

Overturn negative self-image and social-perception 


Change Life the Easy Way

Strengthen the body

Boost immunity, reduce pain, sleep better, recover quicker

Empower the mind

Think and emote positively; say what you mean, mean what you say

Energise the spirit

Feel calm, create dreams in reality, find love, bring magic to life

What Clients Say

Try Reflecting

Book a 121 with Helen to learn more and experience what’s possible. Alternatively, join like-minded others on a Reflective Medicine Course, Retreat or Workshop in 2021. 

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