One day, science will prove what ancient cultures already know about the body in terms of cellular electrical charge and magnetic field. It will come to understand the ways in which ‘Energy’ can be used in regenerative healing AND reverse engineering, albeit, in a more simple, conceptualised way! 

Excerpts taken from an article written by David Levin and published in, explain more: 

“Controlling electric signals in the body could help it heal, says Developmental Biologist, Michael Levin (no relation ot the author!). 

In a recent Q&A, Michael Levin talked about using those sparks to fix birth defects, control cancer, regrow tissues and more.

In the early nineteenth century, the nature of electricity remained a mystery to scientists.  More than 200 years later, all the ways that electricity acts in the human body still aren’t completely understood. It is clear, however, that electric signals play a major role in the body’s early development.

Scientists like Michael Levin of Tufts University have discovered that cellular charges control how and where a structure forms in a developing embryo. Even more surprising, he’s found that it’s possible to manipulate bodily forms just by changing the voltage patterns of its cells.

They’ve triggered brain damage in frog embryos by blocking key neural structures from forming — and then reversed the damage by changing the electrical charge of the developing brain cells.

Although this work and the idea of ‘regenerative medicine’ is still deeply experimental, Levin thinks it could have a major impact on the fields of medicine, biology and biochemistry. He imagines one day using bioelectricity to reverse birth defects in the womb, treat cancer or even grow new limbs on amputees.

In the context of biology, what does an “electrical signal” really mean? Well, in the membrane that surrounds every cell, there are embedded proteins that can move ions — charged atoms — in and out of the cell. Things like potassium, chloride, sodium, protons, and so on. And inevitably, if you add more charged ions to one side of a membrane, you’ll generate an electrical potential across that cell surface. That’s basically what happens in a battery, where one side of the battery has a different amount of charge than the other.

It turns out that cells can actually use those charges to communicate. These signals are much slower-acting than impulses we’re used to hearing about in the nervous system — there, you’re talking about millisecond time scales for information flow, but in developmental bioelectricity, you’re talking about minutes or even hours. But ultimately, the electrical potential between cells can determine how certain tissues or structures develop.

If we can use electrical signaling to convince tissues and organs to grow after injury, we could replace entire structures or organs for patients. Bioelectricity gives you a great new set of control knobs with which to regulate cell behavior”.

To put a really simple slant on it: people are akin to batteries. They are physcially affected by the Energy they generate. Adjust the Energy and you adjust everything else. It’s a basic healing principle. The best way to understand it? Experience it for yourself!


Helen Wingstedt

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