When Rhian and I first met, she was 30 years old. What I didn’t known was that she had been suffering with crippling knee pain, stress, anxiety, panic and depression for years. Rhian had low self-esteem; she lacked confidence, had no self-belief and couldn’t express herself.

Rhian couldn’t focus or concentrate and had energy problems. She couldn’t drive and struggled with everything, including a part-time cleaning job for a friend.

Dysfunctional, in pain and unable to cope with everyday life, Rhian’s issues had forced her to live at home with her parents, both of whom were medical professionals. She was completely sick of herself and the way she was living.

How did she get from this, to being the healthy, happy and successful person she is today?

In the first instance, by realising that ordinary experiences imprint us; that they mentally and emotionally change us. That if we don’t change back, we develop all kinds of problems that are impossible to resolve alone.

After a conversation of just a few minutes followed by a one day workshop, Rhian told me that every aspect of her condition had improved.

She couldn’t understand it; from her perspective, all she’d done was talk to me about a long forgotten incident with a horse, when she was just five years old.

12 years later, having embarked upon various courses and retreats, Rhian is a very different person to the one I met that first time.

Today, Rhian has no physical pain and is free from the need for painkillers. She works six days a week as an Assistant Manager on a Construction site and part-time of an evening.; she has done for some time.

Rhian has her own car, drives with confidence on motorways and is able to travel abroad on her own. She has the energy, focus and drive needed to do so.

Rhian’s depression has lifted. She no longer suffers with anxiety issues and can take stress in her stride.

Busy making up for lost time, Rhian is a shining example of what’s possible when you’re serious about wellness and succeeding. When you know life is short and want to make the most of it. 

As the youngest child of medical professionals, Rhian’s recovery demonstrates that no matter how well-intentioned scientists might be, when it comes to these kinds of issues, they lack the knowledge and skills to do the job people need them to do.

You can read more about Rhian, her difficult start to life and her SUPER- SERIOUS attitude towards wellness and succeeding, in an E-Book coming soon.

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