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What do people say about my approach to health and improvement?

“To watch Helen is to be amazed, astounded and inspired”

Read Tracey's Review

To watch Helen commubnicate with Horses, seemingly telepathically, is to be amazed, astounded and inspired.

Meeting her has been a complete life changing experience for me. Never have I met anyone who has such an inherent gift for putting people at complete ease.  Helen’s methods work on so many levels, all based on trust, openness and honesty and will improve your relationship with horses, and your relationship with yourself and other people.  Let Helen be your guide.. and prepare for the best experience of your life”

Dr Tracey King, South Wales

“I now have the ultimate relationship with my stallion””

Read Becky's Review

“After attending a two day, UK clinic with Klaus Hempfling (Dancing with Horses) he told me I shouldn’t be with my stallion, that the problems we had, couldn’t be solved. The reality was he didn’t have the key we needed to progress. In only two hours Helen helped me find it. I now have the ultimate relationship with a horse.

Helen has been my greatest mentor over the last ten years. In that time she has improved me as a person in every walk of life and most importantly, to my innate way of being with horses and dogs.

I have witnessed so many amazing things being around Helen. She has, for example:

  • Detected a fracture in my stallions neck from 20 miles away that the vet missed (proven by x-ray)
  • Saved my whippets life when she was dying from an auto-immune disease after surgery failed
  • Increased the healing rate of my husbands broken leg by two weeks to the astonishment of doctors
  • Stopped cancer twice in my Doberman (proven by x-ray and operation)

Last year I suffered a bad fall off my horse onto the road. I broke three ribs, chipped an elbow and was in great pain; it severely knocked my confidence. Helen helped me and I felt the change take place in my body; I felt the pain disperse and was able to get back to working and riding again with confidence.

Sadly, I recently lost my horse of a lifetime and was unable to recover from the grief. The pain of losing him changed my relationship with horses and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to form a new bond with another. Helen helped me get over the grief. She re-connected me with this horse and I was able to say goodbye and move on as a result.

Helen’s powers are difficult to understand so I no longer try to understand; I just enjoy the benefits. I have learned and seen the most inspiring things through working with Helen.  She gets the best out of every situation, creates learning in every moment and empowers people to do better than they thought they could.

Every animal Helen works with be it a dog, horse or human changes for the better. Whatever you want to learn, however you want to improve, what ever health problems you can’t fix in yourself or in your horse or dog, if you want the very best for yourself and your animals, Helen is the place you’ll find it”

Becky Jones

Professional Equestrian, November 2016

"To see Shadow decide to trust Helen, to watch his whole body, including his eyes, suddenly soften and relax was spine-tingling. She had lots of advice for Tracey about practical things such as handling and desensitising.

With Helen’s help and Tracey’s hard work and positive response, they were at last a real partnership, each truly trusting the other….they’ve made such amazing progress, even successfully competing in shows.”

Ruth Dennis-Jones – Equestrian, Cardiff

“Something from the heart – I feel connected to nature again. It’s like I got the key today, the key that I lost somewhere along the way. Thank you again, again and again”

Yvonne, Ogmore

“I booked to help my horse but I didn’t expect it to open up a whole new world with all of my horses and also my family. I’m forever grateful. I couldn’t feel better about life and stress is a thing of the past. I have 100% confidence and belief in Helen’s approach and would refer her to anyone”

Sarah Bridges, Berkshire

“Since my session… something really strange has been happening… people are unexpectedly smiling at me… since it has been happening for a couple of weeks now, I believe it has to do with my rather transformative experience with Helen and those horses in Wales.”

Tania Ahsan, Author, Freelance Journalist


“Transformational.. so powerful, so therapeutic, that I find it hard to describe.. empowering, healing and an amazing tool for the recovery of Self-awareness and esteem”

L. Stagg, HECCS Swansea University 

"I saw Helen to help overcome a deep-rooted fear of horses – what I didn’t expect was to lose the fear without going near one and to discover my fears had begun after a frightening childhood incident with a pig…!


It was hard to believe but the day after my session, I visited a field where they have donkeys and horses and spent some time getting to know them. It was fantastic to be able to go up to these animals and not feel terrified at the same time. It was amazing to me how quickly the whole fear thing moved as I have tried and worked many, many different types of methods to deal with the issue over recent years.  Thank you so much.”

Christine Cleobury, Complementary Therapist

“Helen has a unique ability: she is able to interpret both your and the horses emotions, and to use this amazing interaction to lead you to realisations on an emotional and spiritual level that I have never achieved before.

Calm, intuitive and patient Helen appears one step ahead in your emotional journey as she gently supports and guides you down this most moving, powerful and revealing pathway.  With these exceptional skills, Helen can guide you to attain your ultimate desires, wishes and goals. This experience can not be adequately explained or truly understood until you undertake this unique and powerful experience”.

Dr F. Brims, Hampshire

“Thank you so much for a truly wonderful and eye-opening experience.  The best four days of my life.  You and the horses are amazing.  I will never forget this experience and I’ll be back!”

Esther, Cumbria

“Helen and her teachers combine horsemanship with personal development in the greatest way.  I’m still enjoying the openings that they helped me create that day and my approach with animals hasn’t been the same since.  I have finally tasted what making true contact is all about, with animals, with other people and with myself”

Arnold Timmerman, Netherlands

“I would like to thank you very much for a stunning and life-changing weekend. Working with your horses was such an honour, the wonderful peace and calm experienced with them felt unreal.  The boost to my confidence and the total enlightenment of where my new direction is leading has invigorated me.  I didn’t want to leave on the last day, it felt like I was leaving home and I can’t wait to get back”.

Ann, Staffs


“The Horses are amazing, I’ve never felt so calm and at peace. I felt like a different person able to see a light at the end of the tunnel”   –

Charlotte Court, Cardiff


“Wow oh wow, thank you with a joy filled heart for such an amazing, insightful and rewarding 4 days. I achieved so much with all of your help.


You guys are a real inspiration, the way you ran this course has given me such energy and creativity … Helen, you are a star shining a powerful energy that is contagious. I could really feel your eagerness to share all that you are and lead by example how to be focused, open, confident and plugged in to all that energy, knowledge and intuition, and you have helped me greatly in so many ways”

Leanna Milward, Hampshire

 “A truly wonderful experience!  Like a breath of fresh air after a long, hot day I found a new way of…staying optimistic about possibilities and the sheer joy of being in the world”

Karen Jones, Cardiff


“Freedom is the word – connection, sharing and also following my own path – dreams are to be lived.  It was an amazing, wonderful day.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Charlotte Timmerman, Netherlands

“A truly inspiring and transforming day. I now believe I am really travelling light, without the heavy rucksack of rocks I have been carrying for so long!


The focus, warmth and love that you and your beautiful horses give is immeasurable.  The way you join together and share the information from heaven and earth is a creative masterpiece and has given me something to truly aspire to.”

Susan Fletcher, Herts

“Enlightening – an opening to a whole new way of thinking and living!  The Horses are amazing with their honesty, kindness and love, along with Helen’s and her ‘insight’ is an extremely powerful experience not to be missed!”

Jane, Hereford


“A great day enjoyed by us both…  as an interesting point, when we arrived home last night, the 4 dogs went absolutely crazy.  They always give you an enthusiastic welcome but this was amazing.  Even the Dalmatian had to come and sit on my lap, which he never does, (mainly because he is too big and weighs 4 stone!)”

Dawn Reilly

“After seeing Helen, the change in Lord Jay Jay was dramatic...


He not only seemed happier but his performance completely turned around being placed in each race he ran thereafter including a 13 length win at Ascot. Helen helped me understand JJ’s way of communicating and also helped me build the confidence to feel safe with him in his stable. I can’t thank her enough.”

Jan Johnson, Owner – Lord Jay Jay

“After attending a two day, UK clinic with Klaus Hempfling (Dancing with Horses) he told me I shouldn’t be with my stallion, that the problems we had, couldn’t be solved. The reality was he didn’t have the key we needed to progress.

In only two hours Helen helped me find it. As a result, I’m discovering the ultimate relationship with a horse. If you are fortunate enough to benefit from Helen’s gift, your life will change forever”

Becky Jones, Arabian Breeder, S. Wales