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      About Me

      Hello! I’m Helen Wingstedt. I’m a well travelled, 55 year old, welsh born, animal lover who lives near the sea in the Vale of Glamorgan.

      I’ve presented products on the QVC television shopping network, I’ve worked as a consultant to the equestrian industry in India and I’ve dived with sharks and manta rays in the Indian ocean. 

      I’ve also run a herd of horses and pioneered an organisation that introduced people to horse whispering as a vehicle for personal and professional development (that’s me in my favourite picture in 2005).

      I started coaching and training people when I was still at school; in one way or another, I’ve been doing it ever since! To find out more about me and my experience with mental health and performance issues, click ‘My Story’. 

      Women Inspiring Women Award, 2014 – shortlisted

      My Story

      When I had a breakdown in 1999, aged 35, I couldn’t read, drive or hold a conversation. Generalised Anxiety Disorder, panic attacks, OCD, clinical depression were at the top of a very long list of ‘symptoms’ that stopped me working professionally for three years.

      Just prior to the breakdown, I’d been a poster girl for health and fitness; I’d been a successful athlete in my youth and was triathlon fit. I’d studied nutrition, sports psychology and sports science for over a decade. I’d qualified as an aerobics instructor and a personal trainer and at the time, was working as a UK Account Executive selling products, and training people, in the Health and Fitness Industry.

      None of this made a blind bit of difference. It was a disaster and I had no idea why it had happened; nobody thinks it’ll happen to them, including me. 

      My mother put me on suicide watch. She reminded me how mentally and emotionally strong I was as a child, that I’d walked at 8-9 months and was intent on having adventures. How could I be that strong as a baby and so lacking in strength as an adult?  It made no sense.

      Today it makes complete sense. In a nutshell, I’d spent the first 20 years of my life focused on my ‘physical’ core whilst avoiding my ‘performance’ core and a breakdown was the consequence.

      The last twenty years have been spent understanding the human ‘performance core’; what it is, why it deteriorates, how it’s restored and what happens if it’s ignored or superficially treated.

      As a result of exhaustive research, study and practice I’ve re-engineered myself, restored effective performance and shed all mental health difficulties. 

      My experience and knowledge provide me a totally different perspective on common ideas and the medicalisation of many health problems. My experience makes me popular or unpopular depending on your personal agenda.

      Available in the form of bespoke, 121 Coaching and group Training, my framework for strengthening performance foundations and restoring effectiveness is suitable for all.