Love is ENERGY. The most powerful energy there is. An energy source that exists inside us, it is the true source of strength, hope, happiness and good health. When it’s working the way it should, we love ourselves; we have all the love we need.

When this energy ISN’T working the way it should, we become unwell and unhappy. We look for answers in work, hobbies, recreational drugs, sex, alcohol, food and pharmaceuticals.

We don’t find the answers because we’re looking in the wrong place. We fail to recover because we’re going about things in entirely the wrong way.

As an Energy source, love isn’t something we can medicate. We can fluff it up and feel good in the short-term, but the fluffiness is way too flimsy to last.

If we want something more robust and long-lasting, we have to do things differently. We have to approach wellness the way ancient cultures do – by becoming enlightened.

Enlightenment is about our individual mind; the way we perceive ourselves and the world at large.

Because we ‘can’t see it when we’re in it’, enlightenment isn’t something we can achieve on our own. This is the real reason why self-help doesn’t work AND why the self-help industry is worth billions.

If you’re serious about your health and wellbeing the reality is you need an Enlightenment Guide. Someone who’s already gone through the process who has the skills to take you through yours.

If they’ve completed the process themselves and have the right tools you will experience RAPID POSITIVE CHANGE THAT LASTS:

Your mental, physical and emotional health will improve.

You will express yourself more assertively

Your confidence will rise; you will feel empowered

Your behaviour patterns will start to change. 

You will find it easier to manifest your wishes and dreams

You will find relationships are more harmonious

You will love and like yourself the way you once did

You will have all the energy you need to enjoy life and succeed with ease. 

Helen Wingstedt

Motivational Healing

Get Stress Fit!


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