Do you know what terrifies you? Is it tangible, like spiders or heights or something less tangible, like fear itself? If it’s the former you have a phobia but if it’s the latter, you’re ill with a prognosis of no recovery. It’s enough to scare anyone!!

If you want the chance to live without high anxiety and panic attacks, this is what you need to know:

From a modern, medical position, anxiety is a physical health problem, an illness. We’re told that there is no cure because it’s not that kind of illness. So what kind is it? The fact is, it isn’t an illness at all and it isn’t a health issue either.

Because doctors help us in so many other ways, we have a tendency to believe them about everything. When they’re right, it’s fine but when they’re wrong, we how do we know?

Consider this:

Doctors are BODY specialists, trained to believe that physical symptoms evidence ‘illness’. This is a BELIEF SYSTEM. Sometimes the belief is correct, sometimes it’s not. When it comes to anxiety, it’s not. There’s another, far more logical and realistic explanation.  Even better, it doesn’t advocate pumping people full of drugs as the way forward.

When we’re terrified, we’re terrified. When we’re terrified of things like spiders, planes or the dark we call it a phobia. When we’re terrified of fear, we call it anxiety. The symptoms are the same because fear is fear, however the fact remains that: 


Spend a bit of time reflecting on this and really take it in because when the reality dawns and the mind is ‘enlightened’ about what’s really happening and why, you’ll notice a change in your anxiety; the level, the frequency, the symptoms and so on.  The more you reflect and the more reality dawns, the better you’ll start to feel and the more of your supposed ‘illness’ you’ll cure.

Remember, the mind is an intuitive power tool. It can uncreate anxiety just as easily as it can create it. Use your mind the right way and you can achieve (almost) anything! 


Helen Wingstedt

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