We used to live simply. Focused on ourselves and each other, we developed intuitive knowledge and we shared esoteric skills. Virtual tools and templates brought us closer together and increased understanding. To build a high-tech world, it all had to change…

Sophisticated speech and writing changed our way of engaging, relating and creating. The more intellectual (in our heads) and scientific (superior) we became, the more ‘inner’ space lost its appeal. Focused on external journeys, we forgot how to travel ‘inside’ and why we needed to do so. 

As our interest in physicality increased, modern medicine came into being. As high-tech equipment and pharma took over, we came to live un-naturally long lives; longevity created a new set of problems; problems we’re ill-equipped to deal with.

Because we weren’t designed to inhabit the kind of artificial world we’ve built, it’s no surprise we that find it hard work. Stressed out, overwhelmed, emotionally manic or flat, mentally confused and psychologically stuck, we are dependent on scientists and doctors for answers they don’t have. In times of crisis, when we need to be self-reliant and lead ourselves, we find it harder than it should be.   

With Covid-19 variants rampant and science floundering, we’ve been reminded that the natural world is untameable and unforgiving; our lifestyles fragile at best. Looking to the future, we need to look back and reconnect with the knowledge we lost. By doing so, we can create unshakeable calm, clarity and contentment inside; we can cope with the future and whatever it has in store. 

Helen Wingstedt

Reading Animals. Teaching People

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