Helen’s Journey

“In 1999, aged 35, I was working as an Account Manager; travelling the UK, selling health and fitness equipment for a Japanese multi-national.

I was also a qualified Personal Trainer. Triathlon fit with a competitive background in athletics, I had studied nutrition, sports science, psychology and behaviour for years. A breakdown in 1999 changed everything.

Wanting to understand and get better rather than paper over the cracks, I set myself a goal to do so. I turned to horses to help me heal. I became a Horse Whisperer and qualified as a Coach. I gave others the chance to engage with my herd and enjoy the healing experience I had. 

My discovery of traditional native American medicine, in 2006, was a watershed moment. I became aware of Inner Space and through years of practitioner training, learned how to modify it, technically, with precision.

In transforming Inner Space, I achieved my original goal and ‘Reflective Medicine’ emerged. A unique, multi-disciplined approach to health, wellbeing and performance, it improves life for people and animals alike.”

Media and Press

Helen’s first experience of the media was age 10, in the South Wales Echo, having rescued a crow that used to sit on her arm and wander the house!

More recently, Helen has had articles and client success stories published in the press. She has guested on BBC Radio Wales several times, been in the documentary series, ‘Horses of Wales’ and appeared on television news features.

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