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Why is this approach different?

As a Healer, I have a ‘surgical’ approach to health, self and life improvement i.e. I work with the underlying reasons for symptoms. The REAL reasons why people (and animals) become unwell and unhappy. Why they struggle with stress and success.

The cracks we spend our lives papering over are spiritual issues.

These issues weaken us from the inside out, affecting us physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

Spiritual issues are also the source of negative thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviours we can’t contain or change.

Inhibiting self-expression, creativity and confidence they disempower us. Making us less effective, we find it harder to manage ourselves, organise our lives and succeed.

"Next level awesome"

Elyssa Noble-Hook,

Clinical and Complementary Therapist

Why work through spiritual issues?

Work through spiritual issues to improve the following and more: 

  • High anxiety, panic attacks, stage-fright, overwhelm, brain fog
  • Pain, impairment of senses, inability to heal despite medication
  • Itchy scalp, skin outbreaks, stress-related infertility etc..
  • Nightmares, insomnia, racing mind, flash backs, mania, worry
  • Fatigue, low energy, ME, recurrent colds/flu, feeling low/flat
  • Low self-esteem, poor self-image, eating disorders, food issues
  • Identity crisis, self-doubt, inhibition, self-sabotage, negativity

"One of my best decisions"

Gillian Ward

Administrator and ex-Magistrate

What can Motivational Healing do for you? 

Motivational Healing is a panacea approach to improvement. A way to transform your health, self and life, quickly and easily.

De-stressing, rejuvenating and strengthening you physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically, Motivational Healing works at an incredibly deep level. 

It is the ULTIMATE way to empower yourself at home, at work and at leisure.

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