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Helen Wingstedt, 57, is a wellness and performance specialist whom, clients say, has an “amazing gift”.

Helen draws on coaching, training and teaching skills when working. Empathic, intuitive and psychic sensitivity enable her to connect with people on another level to deliver results over and above the norm.

Helen is a published author, whose articles have appeared in magazines, newspapers and online.

Between 2004 and 2009, Helen’s equine assisted approach to self-improvement, was featured on ITV, BBC Radio and in the documentary series, ‘Horses of Wales’.

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  • Helen began her study of psychology, behaviour and sporting performance at the age of 11. She put this knowledge to good use in 2004, when using her small herd of horses to help clients develop self-awareness and build relationship skills. 

  • Helen is a business graduate; a strategist with an entrepreneurial mind. A skilled communicator and experienced presenter, she spent many years working in direct sales, managing major retail accounts. Having sold health products on live television, she understands the pressure to perform; the need to set goals and the way to achieve them.  

  • Having experienced abuse and fought her way back from a mental health breakdown in 1999, aged 35, Helen is acutely aware of the issues many of her clients face. Helen is candid and non-judgemental; she provides clients a relaxing, stigma-free zone to talk freely and about anything.