Long ago, living more closely with nature, our perspective on life wasn’t scientific or religious, it was ‘spiritual’. Possessing ‘spiritual’ knowledge and tools we developed techniques to heal the body; to sustain health and wellbeing beyond physical repairs.

As religions came into being, they changed the nature of this relationship. As civilisations grew and medical science evolved, we moved even further away from our spiritual roots. En masse, we lost ancient knowledge; the templates, tools and techniques needed to sustain health and wellbeing when ‘medicine’ doesn’t work.

In some parts of the world, ancient cultures ‘saved’ this knowledge from extinction. Passing it on, by word-of-mouth alone, it has survived by staying under the radar; made available to the determined few who persist in seeking it out.

Unaware of the situation it’s in and why, the modern world struggles. We are generally unaware, that by returning to our spiritual roots, we could be free from common conditions, disorders and syndromes on a lasting basis.


Helen Wingstedt

Feel Better. Achieve More.

Feel Better. Achieve More.


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