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Roz Woodward Natural health Magazine on anxiety, depression and overcoming an eating disorder

An incredible journey

Roz Woodward transformation

“Highly intelligent, super sensitive, rarely gifted with an unparalleled razor-sharp clarity of insight, awareness and perspective, Helen and her results have to be experienced to be believed. Whatever you book will be a revelation.

Time was running out for me. I couldn’t risk any more temporary, sticking plaster solutions. I knew I had to get serious and address why I felt crap and why I couldn’t function effectively.

I was stuck and not progressing, unable to make the most of myself or my work opportunities. I had anxiety, couldn’t make decisions, feared the future and my drive, energy and focus had gone. It all started to change the day I met Helen.

I made working with Helen an integral part of my life, like going to the gym. Fitness for the parts of me nothing else could reach. The more I did, the better I felt and the more of me unlocked.

Over the last 10 years, working with Helen has changed the course of my life. I’ve discovered a whole new world of potential and possibility; I’ve found the key to me.

Roz Woodward  in Wellbeing Magazine overcoming anxiety, depression and an eating disorder

I’ve been freed from the fears, disabling anxieties, the dialogue of negative thoughts, doubts and the never-ending blackness.

Around me, friends and colleagues suffer with stress, anxiety, pain and fatigue.  They talk about managing symptoms, taking anti-depressants, time off work and early retirement and I KNOW that if I hadn’t taken the RIGHT action ten years ago, this would have been me.

Instead, today at 50, I feel well ‘inside’ myself. Life is opening up, getting bigger not smaller. Opportunities arrive and I’m able to take them. For me life is exciting. I am forever grateful’

Roz Woodward transformation
Roz Woodward transformation

Roz’s eating disorder and back story

“I had tried various therapeutic approaches and coaching services for a couple of years prior to working with Helen.  None of them worked and then in 2010 things got a lot worse. Developing an eating disorder I lost weight rapidly going from 9 stone to 6 in a matter of months.

Working with Helen my appetite came back and virtually overnight.

The memory of the strong urge to eat that came over me is a constant reminder to me of Helen’s power and ability and of the difference you get when working with a real expert who knows what they are doing.

By the end of the week I was eating fish again after being a vegetarian for 25 years. Over the next month I started eating meat again and was quickly back to a healthy weight and that has been permanent.

Roz Woodward All Things Image

Thanks to Helen I’ve been able to start driving again and on motorways AND in a new car!! Previously, I’d only ever used the tube or coaches. I flew to Spain, on my own, for a retreat with Helen which was previously unthinkable. She even helped me dive into a swimming pool which I’d never done before!

Instead of dreaming about what I’d love to be doing I’ve started doing it. I’ve changed my address, my appearance, my lifestyle and my work which suddenly took off. I’ve been able to have conversations I would never had as previously I was too scared.

Roz Woodward transformation

Prior to working with Helen, I believed there was something fundamentally wrong with me. I thought conditions such as anxiety, low self esteem, depression and eating disorders were a normal part of life.

I truly believed that the only option was to learn to cope, work around and manage these kinds of problems and keep my thoughts and feelings to myself.

My work with Helen has proven how wrong I was. I no longer have any of the issues I once did and I function completely differently, almost as if I were a different person but at the same time, I feel more like me! Even though I’ve witnessed so much, it’s still too sci-fi for me to comprehend and especially in regards to my Dad… 

“Literally life saving, genius at work, a priceless investment in the future. My before and after shots remind me how far I’ve come. Helen is the best healer in the world”

Roz Woodward overcoming a eating disorder

When I met Helen I was single, self-employed and lived on my own. I had no significant other to bounce ideas off or talk through key decisions with.

As it turned out, in addition to all her other skills and decades of experience, Helen is a legendary strategist and her service filled that gap.

Having someone I could trust who was in my corner enabled me to start moving my life forward again. I could take opportunities and pick the routes that always turned out to be in my best interests.

Roz Woodward transformation June 2013

Having such an attentive listener, someone who was genuinely interested in me and my objectives, was incredibly reassuring and precious.

It was of a kind I had not experienced before in my entire life, even from my parents.

It made me feel I mattered, counted and gave me a basis and firm foundation to tackle and face up to facts from my past that I have avoided my entire life but that were crippling my present and future.

Roz Woodward All Things Image at welsh biz show

In 2010 my Dad was in hospital with Parkinson’s and he developed a big open sore down his leg. For 6 months, the hospital doctors and nurses tried to find a cure but eventually ran out of options so I asked Helen if she could help.

Within 2 days of her helping my Dad, his leg started to heal and within 2 weeks it had completely cleared up.  The doctors and nurses couldn’t explain it. 

Helen doesn’t go around claiming she will cure you, however, from what I have seen she is one of a select few who actually could do so.

Roz concludes..

“If you do the same thing as everyone else, you’re going to get the same results as everyone else. When I look around I see my peers struggling with the issues I used to have saying ‘nothing works’ but Whole Human Workouts with Helen DO.

Once Helen’s concept is experienced and understood, nothing else makes sense and is a waste of time and money. Everything else pales into insignificance.

I unreservedly recommend Helen. Her services and extra-ordinary skills are exceptionally rare and highly effective. Working with her is priceless”

Roz's Credentials

Roz Woodward, 54 years old, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Electronic Imaging post graduate (PgDip)

10 years employee with Getty Images International Stock Photography Agency.
Digital imaging pioneer, founding member of the original Getty Images Digital Design Team and producer of high grossing digitally manipulated images, for use in global advertising, and editorial campaigns.

11 years running own Digital Imaging & Design Business serving award winning London photographers and working on Association of Photographers award winning imagery.  Worked on imagery for blue chip companies such as Sainsbury’s, Apple, Direct Line Insurance, The National Opera, Ligne Roset, and The Guardian. Digital quality advisor for the Natural History Museum, Wildlife Photographer of the year. Commissioned illustrator and UK illustration recruiter for Hong Kong based ‘Creative Art Mix’ working on design submission for Walmart.  Provided design services for US Indy car driver Justin Wilson, Investors PLC.  Designed and maintained website till 2011 for US Indy car driver Stefan Wilson.  10 year working association with Royal Academician painter, Anthony Whishaw.

Scaled down business whilst being a carer for terminally ill parent in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease.  On admission of parent into care home undertook a Personal & Professional Natural Positivity Programme to address issues of lifestyle, health and wellbeing and with aim to re-launch business.  Helen Wingstedt assisted in the rebranding and promotion of my services as – ‘All Things Image’ which has resulted in the expansion of my business and gaining new contracts.

– Currently PA for No.1 classical music chart topping musician Margaret Rizza. 
– March 2015 onwards, providing digital imaging consultancy services to the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

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