Your dog looks well but you know he’s not. Your horse looks happy but you know something isn’t right. There are no physical signs so you doubt yourself. Your vet and friends tell you not to worry but the worry lingers. 

In the western world, we describe this kind of phenomenon as a hunch, gut feeling or instinct. In ancient culture they call it empathic communication. The non-visible ‘technology’ social animals use to connect with one another; the energy web used to exchange information without moving, vocalising or saying a word.

To a social animal, who relies on the strength of group relationships to survive, this way of transmitting and receiving information is critical. 

As social animals, the vast majority of us are born with this technology built-in. Installed as part of our ‘default factory settings’ it’s not something we add in later by learning. It’s something we strengthen by knowing it’s there; by understanding how it works, training ourselves to use it efficiently and recognising what stops us doing so.

As we become more aware of this system, we find we are better able to use it. We find that we can rely on so called ‘hunches’ and ‘gut feelings’. That we can engage with animals on an entirely different level. That we are better equipped to resolve health problems, achieve training breakthroughs and move all of our relationships into another zone. 

Helen Wingstedt

Reading Animals. Teaching People

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