Unlike us, animals haven’t learned to use words. They don’t intellectualise, they haven’t learned to engage in complex conversation; the kind that creates confusion, frustration and misunderstanding…

Intellectual conversation has enabled us to build the high-tech we live in today. It has also separated us away from the animal kingdom and in many ways, away from ourselves and each other.

Although this is something we’re aware of, it doesn’t mean we recognise what it means i.e. how it translates into everyday life, in particular, in terms of our relationships with animals and children.

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re back in the pre-speaking years of life. How do you relate to what’s around you? How do you engage with others? How do you make sense of what’s being said when you have no concept of language, let alone the words being used!

Surely mother nature was aware of this reality? Surely she provided us with the technology we’d need to deal with this kind of situation?  The reality is that of course, she did. Another reality is that the human race, in all it’s infancy, believes it knows better!

Strip away medical labels, scientific jargon, psycho-babble and religious beliefs and what you’re left with is human beings in their pre-intellectual, animalistic form. Technology that is complex on the one hand and simple on the other, that enables us to connect way beyond words. To merge energetically, at an emotional, mental and psychological level as well as a physical one.

If we are to help ourselves and do our best to help others, it’s something we need to understand better. 

Helen Wingstedt

Reading Animals. Teaching People

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