What does high anxiety have to do with pain?

What do migraines have to do with depression?

What does vertigo have to do with eating disorders? 

AT first glance, nothing but dig a little deeper and you’ll find they are more closely related than you might think.

As soon as we give mental and physical symptoms a MEDICAL IDENTITY, we buy into them as ILLNESSES.

Because each set of symptoms has a different identity, we perceive them as different illnesses; we don’t see the connections between one group of symptoms and another. 

This is an enormous mistake because, the reality is, most conditions, syndromes and disorders are not illnesses and more often than not, have the same root cause.

If we treat symptoms and they don’t go away for good, then we know it’s not an illness we’re dealing with. The way forward in such cases, is to identify and treat the root cause. When we do this, we find that the vast majority of symptoms fade-away on their own. When we don’t, we find symptoms persist irrespective of what we do.

In the high-tech, medicalised world of today, we are so ENTRENCHED in our beliefs about what constitutes an illness, that we have little time, patience or interest in exploring any other view, even when it’s in our interests to do.

Fixed in our attitudes about virtually everything, rarely do we stop to reflect on the fact that just maybe, we’ve got something wrong. When it comes to our health and wellbeing, not wanting to be wrong has very serious consequences:

We accept things we should be challenging. We suffer life-limiting problems indefinitely, when there’s no need. We fail to fulfil our potential and don’t even know it. We accept problems are associated with ageing when they’re not. We personal short-fall as a normal part of life when it isn’t.

The fact is, that if we had the right framework for understanding ourselves and the symptoms we experience, we would all be healthier and happier for it. We could ALL achieve so much more.


Helen Wingstedt

Motivational Healing

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