The sun is out, clothes (and masks!) are being shed, lockdown is easing and all is well with the world – sort of.  BBQ’s, meet ups and holidays are achingly within our grasp. It’s time to get back to normal and enjoy life!!

These were my thoughts earlier today just moments before I came crashing out of the future, and into the moment, courtesy of a daisy.

Having a south facing garden, I became aware of the way the flower heads were tracking the sun. This led me to think about sunflowers and the way that their behaviour closely resembles our own…

“When sunflowers are young, they move throughout the day to face the sun. When they reach maturity, they stop sun-tracking, their blooms forever pointed eastward.”

As children, we are emotionally and mentally fluid; we move, internally, just like a flower head. This fluidity of being enables us to ‘follow’ and ‘copy’ the key people in our lives. 

As you can imagine, or maybe remember, it’s incredibly hard work to keep adjusting yourself to suit others i.e. to be who THEY want you to be, to do what THEY want you to do, to be behave the way THEY expect you to behave.

By the time we’re around the age of 7, we’ve had enough and emotionally, we ‘fix’ ourselves. Just like the sunflower fixes in maturity. 

From that point on, we spend the rest of our lives re-enforcing whatever it is we’ve fixed in. If we happen to have fixed in something amazing, life will be great and we will enjoy general good health.

If we haven’t, it’s the start of all kinds of problems which come into ‘full bloom’ as we grow older, common examples include, high anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobia, eating disorders, poor self-image, negative mindset – the list is endless.

The reality is, that because we’ve fixed ourselves into a way of thinking, feeling, speaking and being, without knowing we’ve done so, we’ve made a rod for our own backs. No matter how hard we try to force change, we find we’re stuck the way we are. 

Pretty much like a sunflower.

Natural metaphors and analogies such as this, are a big part of Native American Medicine and as such, a big part of my approach to wellness.

One of the things I like most is the pure simplicity. That, and the fact that it is not elitist in any way.

We can ALL relate to ideas like these. We can ALL learn from them, heal with them and change ourselves through the personalised use of them. 

Although this form of natural healing practice is incredibly powerful,  and THOUSANDS of years old, in the modern world, it is largely rejected.

Why? Because it is not ‘high tech’, does not involve drugs and is, surprise, surprise, dismissed by medical authority figures with jobs to keep and fortunes to earn.

Simple ideas that improve wellness for everyone, are the most powerful, which is why they stand the test of time. The reason why so few people have heard of them, is because there’s no money to be made from them.

Much better, from a ‘medical’ perspective, to convince someone they’re ill, mad and bad; section them, electrocute them, sedate them and forget about them. It’s shocking – pardon the pun – and it’s the reason why there’s so much stigma around mental health.

The fact is, that the route to wellness is easy when you use common sense; when you apply logic and reason and engage empathetically with people.

Sadly, in terms of mental health and general wellness, medical science does none of these things, which is why, when we continue down the scientific cul-de-sac of no hope, none of us get any better. Why we find ourselves stuck with no way to turn and no-one to turn to.

Helen Wingstedt

Motivational Healing

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