Not so long ago, Coca-Cola was considered a ‘health’ product. Sold by doctors and the pharmacist who ‘invented’ it, as the ‘real thing’. Millions bought the idea and the bottle. Today, we’d refer to them as charlatans… wouldn’t we?

Prior to coca-cola, we were told leeches, lightbulbs and blood-letting would improve our health and wellbeing. More recently, that electrocution and frontal lobotomies were the way to deal with mental health issues; that or a straight-jacket and heavy sedation. If you ever wondered why we’re afraid to be open about the mind, and talk about mental health, now you know! 

When it comes to our body’s organs, medical science has achieved ‘miracles’. As a result, we’re inclined to believe scientists know everything and are right about everything, despite all the evidence to the contrary.  In other words, we’re still buying coca-cola in droves…

In spite of its chequered history, medical science has become a modern religion; doctors gods and hospitals places of worship. With fear of the gods being part of our DNA, it’s no surprise we’re inclined to appease them, rather than challenge them. We’d rather remain loyal subjects than risk incurring their wrath, even if there’s a chance we could lead healthier, happier lives by doing so. 

Helen Wingstedt

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