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What do people say?

Transformed my life..

"Helen's approach is a breath of fresh air. Over the last seven years it has transformed me and changed my life.

Helen can see any situation, from every angle imaginable. She has more intellect, foresight, knowing, understanding, focus and wisdom than anyone I've ever met. Compassionate, strong and fiercely determined, Helen really cares about you and your life.

When I started working with Helen, I found it almost impossible to speak about myself or my problems. I was so worried about being judged. Helen's non-judgemental attitude gave me the platform I needed to open up and tackle my problems. Her razor sharp wit and humour have even made it an enjoyable process!

I'm a qualified therapist with a doctor, surgeon and dentist in my family but I've never met anyone who can improve physical and mental health like Helen. No-body else can do what she does, or in the time she does it. Helen is unique.' 

Rhian Jones, 2021

Construction Site Manager

The master of motivation...

.'The master of motivation, energy and getting to the bottom of the real issues people face that hold them back.

Helen achieves more in 90 minutes than others do in 90 weeks. Her intuitive sense and grounded Welsh sensibility make her ideal to work in any climate.

I would unreservedly recommend her for helping any organisation in any climate".

Denis Campbell, Editor, UK Progressive Magazine

Changes life forever...

"Over the last ten years, I have learned and seen the most inspiring things through working with Helen.  She gets the best out of every situation, creates learning in every moment and empowers people to do better than they thought they could.

Every animal Helen works with be it a dog, horse or human changes for the better around her. Whatever you want to learn, however you want to improve, whatever health problems you can't fix in yourself or in your horse or dog, if you want the very best for yourself and your animals, Helen is the place you'll find it.

If you're lucky enough to benefit from Helen's gift, your life will change forever"

Becky Jones

Professional Equestrian, November 2016

Next level awesome...

'Like many others who work with Helen, I was at my lowest point when I met her.

I had suffered with severe anxiety for years and it was getting worse by the day. I couldn't drive further than my local area, I couldn't speak up for myself, couldn't make decisions and I didn't believe in myself. I just didn't function as a whole human being.

During my journey of getting well I had tried mindfulness, CBT, hypnotherapy. All didn't work as the trauma of life events was too deep and needed a completely different approach. That's where Helen and her unique way of working comes in and shines like a bright star.

The first two 90 minute sessions transformed me; the shift and release was huge and 8 weeks later I'm a totally different person to the one that walked into her session room that first time.

I'm not anxious any more. I cope with stress far more easily. I see colours more vividly, my taste buds are firing on all cylinders and my hearing is clearer. I walk with a spring in my step and with purpose. I'm a woman on a mission now all thanks to Helen and her epic healing abilities and guidance.

What Helen does is unique. Next level awesome. I cannot recommend her enough. You will not find another healer like her in this country. Seize the day and book an appointment to meet this wonderful lady and to change your life forever'

Elyssa Noble-Hook, Clinical and Complementary Therapist - October 2018

Genius at work...

'A world-class Practitioner. Genius at work. A game-changing approach. The best investment in your future. Not just the best in Wales - the best in the world.

Highly intelligent, super sensitive, rarely gifted with an unparalleled razor-sharp clarity of insight, awareness and perspective, Helen and her results have to be experienced to be believed. Whatever you book will be a revelation.

Time was running out for me. I couldn’t risk any more temporary, sticking plaster solutions. I knew I had to get serious and address why I felt crap and why I couldn’t function effectively.

I was stuck and not progressing, unable to make the most of myself or my work opportunities. I had anxiety, couldn't make decisions, feared the future and my drive, energy and focus had gone. It all started to change the day I met Helen.

I made working with Helen an integral part of my life, like going to the gym. Fitness for the parts of me nothing else could reach. The more I did, the better I felt and the more of me unlocked.

Over the last 10 years, working with Helen has changed the course of my life. I've discovered a whole new world of potential and possibility; I've found the key to me.

I've been freed from the fears, disabling anxieties, the dialogue of negative thoughts, doubts and the never-ending blackness.

Around me, friends and colleagues suffer with stress, anxiety, pain and fatigue.  They talk about managing symptoms, taking anti-depressants, time off work and early retirement and I KNOW that if I hadn't taken the RIGHT action ten years ago, this would have been me.

Today, at 50, I feel well 'inside' myself. Life is opening up, getting bigger not smaller. Opportunities arrive and I'm able to take them. For me life is exciting. I am forever grateful'

Roz Woodward, Digital Imager, Oct 2019

The real deal...

‘Experience enabled me to quickly recognise I had at last found the real deal

I was impressed by Helen’s integrity, warmth and insight.  My world changed overnight. Daily challenges melted away. Energy levels soared and I am much happier. Each day is better than the last’

Anita Sawyer MBA RSM, The Royal Society of Medicine & British Psychological Society

One of my best decisions...

'I was fed up with myself and how my anxiety and stress were affecting me and the ones I love. My 'what if' psychology was getting out of hand. I was the best risk assessment officer in Wales! Married to a medical doctor and having read and watched programmes about anxiety I knew what help I could receive but Helen was different.

I was afraid of what she was going to do. I told her at the start of my Journey that I didn't want hypnosis or anything I thought of as mind-altering. I told my close family and while my husband supported my decision to see Helen, he was skeptical to say the least but after the first session he noticed a difference. By the time I had my third I had more confidence and began to really enjoy my life again.

Was it counselling? Did Helen ask personal questions? Did she want to know a lot about me? The answer is no! Helen is straight talking, funny and sensitive. There are no mantras to follow, no coping strategies to learn, nothing! I'm so glad I made the decision to see Helen. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made!!'

Gillian Ward, Llantwit Major, August 2017

Profound and powerful...

'No matter which course you choose, just choose one. Your life will never be the same

Helen connects at such a profound and powerful level to a part of me I can only describe as my 'true self'. The changes are instantaneous, dramatic and automatically continue’

Sian Edwards BSc, ex-Campaign Manager, Dogs Trust

I started my dream job...

'There was a dead part of me, a brick wall that arrested my journey but with Helen I saw it for what it was. I was shell-shocked, overwhelmed and free and I started the dream job I never thought I could have'

Dr Nicolette Bartlett, MSc, Corporate Leaders Network for Climate Action

Turned my life around...

'Thank you for helping to turn my life around

I was unhappy and negative and I made excuses to avoid confronting low confidence and self-esteem issues. A month later I'm in a totally different place. It was the best investment for my sanity and life’

Gail Ivens, Cardiff

Unchained from anxiety...

'Upon leaving my first session I felt I could breath again, like I was finally unchained from this shit storm known as anxiety!

Everything appeared brighter in colour and I actually felt pretty. Normally, I look at myself and think I'm a disgusting ugly mess, but today when I looked at myself I actually felt good about myself and my appearance.

I couldn't stop smiling, my cheeks were hurting where I had been smiling so much, I didn't feel spaced out I just felt like me again, the me I knew before I had anxiety. When I got home I was thrown into a very stressful situation and instead of reacting in an explosive negative manner, I was actually able to calm myself and assess the situation before reacting to it and resolving it!

During the evening I felt much more relaxed and laid back compared to my normal state in which my mind is always 1000 miles an hour. It was like my mind was having the break that it so desperately needed!'

Beck Muir, Llantwit Major 2018

I feel wonderful!...

'I feel absolutely wonderful – like a new, improved version of me!

Helen connects at such a deep level in such a short space of time and I don’t know any other coach who works in such a powerful way. Measurable shifts happen quickly and as she removes the problem by its roots, it enables long term changes to continue’

J. Breeze, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

Look no further...

'I'm no stranger to developmental experiences but what I found with Helen was unlike anything I'd encountered before. Helen creates a framework for learning that really resonates; she is an exceptional facilitator whose clear, consistent and authentic communication opens up a world of self-discovery. If you have a hunger for self-development and the fulfilment of your Professional potential then look no further'

Peter Tobias, IT Professional, London 2007

Calmer and renewed...

'I originally met Helen in a group workshop and was amazed at the transformation she facilitated in people... in a very short but precise conversation, she intuitively got to the root cause of problems, reshaping fears and anxieties into steady calmness and confidence. Even just by observing I felt a shift in my thinking patterns and viewed my life differently.

My recent 121 Course with Helen has proved just as powerful, suffice to say I feel renewed and calmer; I have a kind of clarity I've never experienced before, as if some kind of reboot has been triggered.

I now have a perfect fit career evolving nicely and the steady, clear thinking and confidence to do it well. How do I explain it? I can't. I just know Helen knows her stuff, does her thing and it works!'

Wendy Doig, Diabetes Prevention Co-Ordinator, April 2018

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